Our Mission

We aim to bring back good music. HipHop is slowing fading as well as RnB. It is so easy for people to make it by simply getting a subbing track followed by incoherent rapping along with a dance, but where does this leave the people who actually listens to music for more than the beat?? We want to bring back music for those types of people that still believe in HipHop as well as know what good RnB sounds like better known as baby making music.

My Story

I started out as a drummer for my church but quickly became involved with producing. In my artist years, I have opened up for quite a few big acts such as: juvenile, Lil wayne, Lil boosie, etc. I still make music as a hobby now, but my main focus is running my label. We are just starting out as a label but have a lot of experience in the music field. We provide everything from, engineering, production, artist development, etc. We are trying to bring back good music, because let’s be truly honest, nothing they play on the radio is good now days. My main artist I am working with right now is an rnb singer with the voice of a goddess. We are looking to network with everyone in our field as well as connect with those who are not but would like to provide sponsorship. Together we can change the music world but it takes more than one individual.